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The largest installation of The History of the Star of David will soon become a permanent cultural landmark at Soroka Medical Center in Be’er Sheva, Israel. 10% of all art sales go to supporting the life-saving mission of this strategic and vital medical institution.


“The Star of David echoes in nearly every era of history, now captured in Marc Bennett’s artwork in a kaleidoscope of colors, beckoning every member of the human race, both Jew and Gentile alike, to bear witness to this unyielding indomitable spirit of struggle and resilience, of hope, and the longing to be free.”

This engaging artwork stands as a 21st Century testament to the history and future of the Jewish people, and is now available as Original Limited Edition signed prints in various sizes on metal or paper to grace any home, office, synagogue, JCC or institution.

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"This artwork is an empowerment of our Jewish survival and it is our hope that it will grace the walls of as many homes, synagogues, and institutions as possible."

Dr. Alan Altman

Formerly of Harvard Medical School

"The History of the Star of David is both a powerful evocation of Jewish history and a striking contemporary comment. Our congregants are moved by this artwork in our temple."

Rabbi David Wolpe

Sinai Temple, Los Angeles

"Bennett's artwork combines the pop sensibility of Andy Warhol with the mythological references and bold colors of Marc Chagall, showing the spirituality of our shared history."

Arthur Chabon

Architect, Aspen Jewish Center

Photo Gallery


View The History of the Star of David photo gallery to see the artwork displayed in various environments such as homes, offices and institutions.

Bearing Witness


Read the stories behind all of the images used in The History of the Start of David. These stories bring to life the incredible journey of the most universally recognized symbol of Jewish identity.

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Learn more about how this unique philanthropic partnership between The History of the Star of David artwork and Soroka Medical Center is supporting Israel's most vital medical institution.